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Speak To Me

Speak to me,
Speak to me through the holes in the fabric,
I live off the mysteries you have provided.
Allow me to listen to your lessons from the mountains,
From the valleys where I first saw light emerge from darkness.

Teach me your splendor defeat me with brightness.
I see with my heart, my eyes are impaired at their finest.
Her eyes are a sign that creation must be an act of kindness,
Her soul is my heart it pumps revolution into my mind,
World is a symbol I need to decipher,
The numbers the codes all lead to His Highness

Who am I?
The essence is not its projection
The codes have been misread
The sheep have been mislead
Your honour I plead you consider my objection.
They have lied they have deceived
The waves are not the sea
The absence of light is not darkness
It is not the end when I bleed.
I am not my words, this is not me that you read.
I am what it makes you feel
I am the Suffi when he screams
Light is not abundance, God is not infinity
And I am not my anger, my mistakes nor what I achieve
If I cannot see the signs then it is I who does not exist
I breath the mercy of God this is certainty not belief

Kill me, be my murderer, my blood is yours to spill.
My heart is yours to torment, torture me at your will.
Haunt me through the night, keep my mind from sleeping.
Carve the ‘ayat into my eyelids, I will never stop searching for the meaning.
My body is my hell, I can hear the sinner screaming.
Kill me with your love, Lord, I yearn for our meeting


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