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You Are A Chosen One

Words could never do justice in describing what God has created. From the depths of space to what may be beyond that, to the planets, stars and what they are made of. Things we can see, and things that cannot be seen yet play a far more crucial role than that that manifests itself on a visual scale.

He has created the sky above us, that never looks the same twice. Things that serve both artistic purposes in his masterpiece and crucial and delicate purposes in the fine tuned system he has designed and built.

He has created systems that follow a set of rules we think we understand, and systems that don’t seem to follow any rules (quantum). Systems that are so random and chaotic yet so perfect and in an order that would destroy everything if only slightly changed.

Then he created us. Human beings, he perfected our internal systems and made us perfectly functional machines.

Then he gave us this amazing gift, a gift no one seems to be able to explain, something machines built from nature simply cannot acquire. He gave us consciousness.

This thing that may very well be the source of all the magnificence of the universe. The thing that may just be keeping the world in order.

He gave us identities and the ability to acquire awareness of these identities. A factor that disregards all our similarities and makes us unique individuals.

He gave us intellect, curiosity, ambition, and the ability to dream.

He gave us emotions, a connection with everyone around us, he gave us love.

He gave us spirits and souls that connect with all his creation and connect with him. Spiritual abilities that exceed physical and mental abilities completely if nurtured through devotion to Him and his teachings.

God created this universe with all its precision delicacy brilliance and magnificence and he created YOU. He chose to bring you to life, he specifically chose to make you as you are and designed a whole scenario for you to exist in. A scenario that will confuse you, challenge you, test you, and reward you greatly if you overcome the obstacles.

Within you there is a universe wherever you may live and under whatever conditions. So next time you think I can’t do this, or I’ll just spend my life laying low, or any of the many subjective thoughts our insecurities lead us to consider, just think.

Is it possible that God chose to create me, and perfect me and give me life only so that I may fail? Did God mess up? Or do I have a purpose? And if I have a purpose, would it make sense for it to be easy to acquire? Am I just random? A loose end of the equation?

That would make no sense. I mean even though the path towards achieving the goal is difficult and filled with obstacles, surely the One who made nature so finely tuned, used the same precision in perfecting my starting position and the path ahead of me if I choose to take it.

So in short quit the whining and the self abuse and oppression and accept the challenges and allow yourself to prosper and grow spiritually, mentally and physically. And just continuously ask God for help and you’ll be fine.


Idc Im not giving this a title either

Let the flute play on
the music of death
when confessions are sung
by the doomed of men

Assumed to be the truth
because they have nothing to lose
no longer looking to amuse
no security to abuse

Telling tales of love and sorrow
and battles won in vain
over Leaders destined to be followed
yet no one ever knew their names

Pleading guilty to their sins
hoping that with mercy they are judged
Dedicated their lives to win
yet they lost all they conjured up

Seen us convicts in our eyes
Give them mercy we will not
But when the dawn has ‘set’ on us
will we ask to be treated the same by God?

Lord remove mercy of our souls
because we as well have lost the plot
and like our flesh and our bones
our nafs deserves to rot

Are we ready for the judgement
of despicable crimes of our ego
pride wouldn’t let us learn
unable to function but incognito

We put veils up on our heart
yet we were perfectly see through
especially to those we hurt
pain is a connection, they can feel you

So many secrets so much fear
precarious under the confidence we wear
fooled like the king nude we appear
but the peoples hearts are in denial
herd effect so they all cheer

In these lines you see me confess
and as you read you reflect yourself
Doesnt really matter what I said
the poems yours for your spirit to posses




Idek man.. Insecurities maybe?

  A human is a complex being that may be affected by the smallest of changes around. Ripples in water become waves because we are so small, fragile and powerless that even these tiny ripples in a puddle of water seem like killer waves to us. And they are because how can we overcome them?

  They say the answers are within us we merely need to extract them through reflection. Thing is we probably will not like what we find. Because behind this confident accomplished exterior, there is a little immature and lost child unable to find answers to even the most trivial of issues.

  And behind this careless and cynical character hiding trying to blend in with the rest of its kind and trying so hard to pretend like it simply does not care that it is a failure and a lost cause, is a scared very aware soul paranoid of everything around it, scared to stand out yet longing to at the same time.
  The more we dig through the layers of lies and come nearer to reaching our true identity, the more we resent ourselves for letting these little monsters live for this long, until we gradually reach the realization that these little monsters are us. The unedited me.

  I’ve never encountered anyone that is satisfied with their unedited me. And if you are then you are either something very special, or you are lying to yourself, just kicking the dust around hoping that that’s as deep as it goes. The latter is more probable.

  As complex as we are, we are equally predictable. Even the unpredictable are predicted to do exactly that (be unpredictable). And we are far more transparent than we like to believe. Our insecurities cannot be hidden for long from the eyes of keen and equally  distressed observers. But at the same time we are as deep as deep can go, so though our insecurities can be identified and our flaws made visible, no one truly understand the nature of these things and their implications but us.

Everyone knows you are scared and insecure, and you know this about everyone as well. But we are such unique beings that even our simplest and most common fears and insecurities manifest in a form unique only to ourselves. Therefore only we can truly understand them.

  It’s really scary and lonely when you think about because we can never truly let our true selves out and allow them to express themselves in front of anyone even if we slightly describe them, which we only do because it is useless to deny their existence.

  Some philosophers say the essence of humanity is fear and it is our strongest emotion.  It is said that man first came up with religions because they needed something stronger than themselves to help them survive the disaster that was nature and it’s ruthlessness.

  It is true that without God we would be lost. Because if there is no God, who will you turn to in the hopeless situations when you are put in a position where your back is against a wall and you can’t even see what’s pushing you there. But I don’t think fear is our strongest and most essential emotion. I don’t know what is, maybe love, maybe curiosity I wouldn’t know, but all I know is fear doesn’t produce brilliance so it can’t be it.

  I don’t even know how to end this because if I did I wouldn’t need to write it anyway so I guess all we can do is continue to reflect and seek Allah maybe he inspires solutions to such issues.

Blekh Bloopers

Every time I think about our existence as humans, 7 billion individuals on a planet not even the biggest in its galaxy, in a continuously growing universe within which our whole galaxy is nothing but an atom in a grain of sand lying around in a desert (because this isn’t the only existing universe), the idea of individuality kind of just fades away for me.

In Hindu philosophy the concept of God is considered to be ‘the collective human mind’, he is considered the truth, and the truth cannot be realized unless human and nature become in harmony and leave behind the limits of our individuality completely fusing in the collective super mind’s infinity therefore becoming it. Becoming one.

This concept was also proposed by one of the greatest psychologist in the past century and surprisingly enough Freuds student, Carl Jung. He said that humans have their normal aware conscience, and a collective consciousness that contains all knowledge of everything that they share with the rest of humanity. He says that he found that the things schizophrenic patients described they saw were things they couldn’t have possibly understood or perceived alone so he believes it comes from a collective knowledge of all things that they were able to tap into due to their abnormality.

AGAIN this concept is also present in Islam, specifically Shiism. I think it was in that The Great Muslim Scientist And Philosopher Imam Jaafar Alsadiq (as) book, I read that there was a belief that humans have a conscious and subconscious mind that have a veil between them, the more you increase in enlightenment the less that veil exists (the more you are aware of) . An imam does not have this veil therefore his conscious and subconscious mind are linked. So basically it is said that we are all linked to one outlet that knows all and is the ultimate human awareness.

Then I think of Imam Ali’s (as) hadith: You claim that you are nothing but a tiny entity, yet wrapped up inside of you is the greatest universe. If you think about it the way the patterns of creation are, it seems like everything is within everything. 2 meeting black holes act exactly like the nucleus and electrons of an atom. Cells are like tiny systems that seem isolated yet are connected to a bigger system. Just like planets. Waves show the same spiral shape that exists in the geometry of the ear, sunflower, and even wings of a fly. And the universe exists within each and every one of us.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that regardless of personal interests hobbies and abilities our individuality exists more as a group than as units. Maybe the idea that I am one and you are one is false. Maybe we are units within that one. The heart and mind have different interests yet one without the other would result in a dysfunctional human. They are each units within their system doing their individual jobs at many times contradicting each other but they are what forms this human and similarly each human does their job and seeks their paths only problem is instead of making it work we are ruining the bigger system we are a part of in many ways.

Maybe if we stop thinking of ourselves as individuals and start thinking of ourselves as one together. We could possibly for once progress.

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