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Nonsense And Bullcrap That Rhymes

Mantras numbers and lines that describe space and time

Books encoded in letters from which our kinds derived

The beauty of it all

Isn’t in the images that we saw

It’s in the spirochete sized spiral lives that keep us in awe

In the zone… Boxing it up …Thinking of it alone

Even the bigger picture carved in the stone under the throne

Exact clones … But unique to its own

Form a unit so different yet serves the same goal

No center to our beings

From the basement to the ceilings

The image fragmented so much

Has become devoid of its meaning

Out of body experiences

Stripped down to mere prostrations… Leaning

Towards a boxed voice never holding the truth within

Extending its vocals to another dimension as its screaming


But the locksmith was careful and precise

From the second the liquid is poured into the carcass

The slap on the butt and the energy harnessed

From this call of decay or call of life

The lock on the head

Feed the physical physical make the spiritual dead

Slaves from the fields to the cubicles

Can’t see the light hazy vision

Results from exposure to UV rays and pharmaceuticals

Vivid and straight forward yet vague

 It just won’t get through to you without the clichés

Open your eyes make the 360, 7 times and get the locks shaved

Deep in the ocean that you’re placed in

Sink to rock bottom in amazement

After the rebirth scratching the surface becomes degrading

The purpose is on its way with the virtues of the educated ignorant deranged


Deviating from the path marked by gold

Leading to the horizon where the mother is no longer oval

Fall into neutrality no matter how strong

The gravity won’t hold you

Down because the vector doesn’t exist

But hell does an emptiness you can never resist

If you persist on the path away from the old you

A masochistic establishment

The strings have to be strangling him

For the puppet master to control you

Consistently changing his state as you do

Patterns predicting patterns, like Quantum entanglement

Put the knife to your heart

The blade will rip his apart

He may have the knowledge

But he’s ignorant to the path

He can see deeper than you but who sees deeper than Allah


Words numbers and lines that describe space and time

Books encoded in letters from which our kinds derived

Such a nuisance we are but of the amazing kind

Write words that mean nothing and still get acknowledged

As if they are almost divine

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