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Paradox of The Well

A well, prosperity and desperation. As the traveler struggles through the desert dying of thirst they find a well, at that moment this well to them is both the peak of hope and the peak of desperation simultaneously. It is their only hope yet what are the odds of there being water in a well in the middle of the desert, so for the moments they are pacing up to the well they are thrilled by both happiness, hope, life and being slowly destroyed with anxiety, hopelessness, and the prospect of inevitable death. If the well contains the very force of life, water, he seemingly lives, if not he undoubtedly dies. Yet if he finds water in that well, and drinks, he may find comfort in this oasis of life, so much so that he fears to continue his journey, he fears to move from beside the well because the desert is vast and repetitive in imagery and even if he walks a small distance he might lose sight of it forever, so he sits there next to the source of his life in both happiness and anxiety   until he starves to death. So the well of life becomes the very reason he dies. Much like love after intense heartbreak. The person finds one that has god traits, eventually they fall in love with them, but their love is draining, it slowly destroys them because even though it provides them with the water of nourishment it cannot provide them with the strength brought by food, but they fear to journey to find someone who can provide both out of fear of previous heartbreak so they hold on their well of water as they slowly die in a fusion of happiness, content, and sadness and dissatisfaction


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