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Where does it lead, this uncertain path?

Though the lord has drawn it, did he,

With his mercy or was it with his wrath?

Who throws the stones at this humbled peasant?

Why is he shunned from wherever man is present?

Stranger to his cult, people of the crescent

Why is it, that only nature accepts him?

Animals, trees his siblings and the stars their parents

Crushed by the weight on his spineless back

Eternally damned yet yearning for heaven


Where is he to seek shelter if his body is a raging storm?

Confined to the dark dungeons of space and time

Afraid to look through the cracks in the wall

Though clearly He guides him by unveiling the signs

His mind tortures him with the formation of every thought

Confused, is this redemption or punishment for his crimes?

Vivid are the lies in all the ‘wisdom’ he was taught

No longer able to forcefully swim against the tides


Where is this truth? And why is it that he inquires?

He could not answer those question to save his own life

Every explanation only makes him feel like a liar

Never true to himself even when he writes

Baffled by this image of salvation from Hell fire

Is it really about the rules will they lead us to paradise?

And what about the mercy of this lord you speak of?

Is he Him if to a few chosen ones the truth he confines?


 Finally, exhausted he falls and he cries

Pleading and begging for the story to end

The story of the men

Who defied the advice.

And asked the Question

What is the meaning of life?


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