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Another Nameless Poem Because I Suck At Names

My mind sways with the wind
Knocks at every door,
Builds up all the shrines
Of lies so insecure,
Yet covers with gold
So the image can be sold,
Don’t fret… I’m not talking about their holiness
I’m talking about my soul
Where’s is this door
Gates that lead to Eden
Charismatic and pure
Faithful in the cause we believe in
Shattered glass in a house
Made of bricks… The looks were deceiving,
Pick the herbs get the light out
Burn grass for the flight out
And then claim that  they’re healing,
I’ve embodied a universe the hell I need the weed then?
The darker the room gets my awareness increasing,
Self loathing, the pity, the man I see’s been defeated,
Couldn’t Carry the load
Maybe it’s broader shoulders he needed,
Or maybe a partner forgot to ask the Lord to be his teammate
But blamed him for his loss
Only way he knew how to deal with it
Try to do business with fate
Got caught trying to cheat it 
Now he’s been sentenced to life devoid of any meaning
Suicidal he don’t wanna live it
But he hopelessly hopeful trying to get with it
Waiting for his chance
Guarding the gates of heaven
Paying what is due till he can  reunite with his  brethren
Can you oppress it?
The pressure of this never ending philosophy,
Rooms never been locked
Yet never entered
Worded out as blasphemy
Not worthy of the heavens
Yet ascended above humanity
Struggling between the realms
Cato knows about this agony


Redemption of The Archetypes Rebels

Defining it like time brothers

Or sisters it’s a fine line kind of thing

Try to define the matter

I stutter so I just prefefefer to sing


But my voice don’t help

So my vocals are my eyes

Trying to perfect the tone

With the hands that I use to type

Giving my left hand a role…Keyboards

Burn a hole in my mind

Giving my demons a voice

Inspiring them to leap forth and shine

No more of them ideal poems

As the left criticizes my right

One cannot hide behind their words

No sense trying to act divine

If I tell you my slate is clean

I suggest you look harder for my crimes

This here is my pilgrimage

On a path to seek what is inside

Following my masters words

Ali is where my heart resides


And the truth is intrinsic

But it exists in you and me

So we both must be in this


Room in my soul that I share with you

Like a fool I hope that you feel it too

Dreams of people that I never knew

Wonder where they are… They are me so not who

If we cant unify the opinion of the brain

Let the souls intertwine let the heart do its thing

Shake of the prejudice the world isn’t in the gray

Look closer see the colours bright like when you put the sun to the ring

Philosopher’s stones on your fingers

Watch dreams mix with faith and logic lingers

Has no real place like this physical state

Essential to your fate … Back-up singers



I guess in simpler words what I’m trying to get through to you

Is that though i may be me and I know you think that you are you

Unique in our function like the fingers and the toes

Different interest same beat embraced with distinct flows

Distance is just physical you live in my abode

Hold the door the floor (flow) is the path but not the road

Let your legs take you some where anywhere around the globe

Doesn’t matter you’ll remain idle in the position that you hold

The gates to the ocean horizons and the clouds

Limits that don’t exist -alfresco- your eyes are not allowed

The beauty of Eden useless their purpose defeated

Close them destroy the chimera and pierce the darkest of the clouds


Curses of this realm, In the happiness that dwells

 In the lust for someone else, and the character it builds

 Mountains beyond the hills, a path so many lives its claimed

Even more than the dreams that it has killed

And the sane man says Abaddon’s been contained

We’re living in a cave, for which that he has paid

Adopted by his ways, a droplet in his waves

Children see their demise, while our insides continue to decay

And it is not a maze; the path you seek is straight

You could’ve lived in the clouds; instead you dropped to destroy like acid rain


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