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The struggle between I and I

I write words that take me to another dimension
one that lies in my head yet exceeds all limitations of existence
I write words that even I cant understand at some points
because I am not completely aware of this world that exists within me
I am not in control of what I write
I am not in control of when I write
I am merely a tool that I uses to reach his goals
The question that remains unanswered however, is who is I?


I is I but I is not I yet I and I are one
But if I and I are the same being then will I die when my time has come?
I am unaware of I but I know he exists,because I is able to control me when I wants
Its seems to be a divine design neither of us can defy
Which makes us seem like one

But I remains like a spy lurking in his lair
And I know not his secrets yet I knows mine and I hardly think that is fair
Yet I seem so free and I is trapped see I cannot move beyond my hair
Because I is not free to wonder around nor does I even care
See I to him the world does not appeal such a close minded being I is
I cannot see the importance of life and the happiness it can bring
I seems to believe that I only exists to understand what is beyond these material things

I cannot believe you were going to waste a poem writing about how I am unable to see
When it is clear to me that you are so blind and unaware that you have been deceived
When will you understand you foolish sheep your lusts and desires are going to brings us to our knees
but I swear on myself , as long as i’m here ,we will never admit defeat,
the problem is i have to drag you along because whether i like it or not
I and I are one so I and you are me
But fear not you foolish being your body will be safe its your mind that I need
so lets make this clear, clear your mind so I may use it to reach what I and we seek





Too Short To Be Named (I suck at titles)

I feel the words in my heart attempting escape
But the words wont depart without awakening the pain
Be it the sorrow feeling of loss or the memories embossed
In my soul or the regret after making a mistake
It’s an agonizing period as I set the words in place
It’s a bitter pleasure that leaves a blood like taste
But nothing beautiful arises without sacrifices
Except what the divine all knowing creates


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