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Not By The Name of The Lord

The sun shined bright after a long winter

Clouds were removed

…By the name of the lord

The blue sky so majestic even wounds it could heal

…By the name of the lord

But when peace lasts for a long time

You forget the past and the emptiness inside

When love so pure sets you free

…By the name of the lord

The cries of despair no longer can be heard

And the confusion of existence

…Though at its epitome

Does not seem to intervene,

A spectator from the sidelines forced into silence

…By the name of the lord

Forgetful as you are the knives will remind you

…By the name of the lord

The clouds will return enraged ready to defeat you

…By the name of the lord

And they will rain and they will scream like Gods of war

Set fire to your world and dissolve your resolve

Cut through your defenses and murder your intentions

…By the name of the lord?

So powerless your love against the enemies you are

…In the name of the lord

As their blades strike through you piercing your heart

…By the name of the lord

And as your vision clears,

No longer consumed by your fears

…By the name of the lord

You realize the enemy

Is not who you believed them to be

The blade yet to be removed

For the blood to shed from your wounds

…In the name of the lord

You can see it like a mirror

Image of the horror

What you predicted came true

And the organs that were torn up

Were torn up by you

And not…By the name of the lord


The Peak of Inarticulateness

The mind was clear the soul was pure

But arrogance and fear made one insecure

So one held on tight to what they did not posses

Which made one aware of the dangers that come with dreams in excess

So they planned and plotted and drew maps and diagrams

Swords with 2 heads, horse shoes and inverted pentagrams

Protection from evil protect them from themselves

Exhale the demons from within sacrifice them to hell

They fell into an ocean

Water so deep it led to their erosion

Which freed the core which was mere decorum

But when it became reality it was explosive

Their fathers their sources

Holding the books beads and the crosses

Quran, bibles and the courses

Torahs and the forces

Lies about God his messengers and prophets

Not for the profit but for the power

That makes one soul leak slowly away like a faucet

They endorse it we accept unaware of the repercussions

And by us I mean the 4th character of this story

The one that lives in the core

That sees with an eye with far more deeper insight

Then that of Horus

And the one using it of course

And sitting inside the pyramid eyes shut and legs crossed

So peaceful he seems yet only if you could feel his energy force

It’s Satan that provided the keys for him to unlock all these doors

The third is a depiction of those who consider this all to be fiction

Every day they gain energy to wake up, from a source they do not even believe in

Oblivious to the battle going on between the titans and the pillars of evil

Silenced by their desires tilted the pentagram and put within the face of a demon`   3253

Unaware that they’re dreaming

Their simplicity peaks with the way they deal with

The idea that they have been deceived and

That existence isn’t as material as it seems

And the fourth, and the worst is the lost of the believers

Gains knowledge, via bias drops, the smaller it is the easier to perceive it

Enjoy the shallowness of the shore

And dread the day they ever have to dive into the depth of the meanings

Fragments of the story ideologies based on replacing the missing pieces

A universe walking, unaware of its surroundings

Unaware of what is buried in its planets under the mountains

Do not teach us what you know teach us what you contain

Clueless like a cloud that has forgotten that it is rain

Words and phrases that provide evidence that we are insane

Are the same words that  defy all of their claims

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