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The ‘Word(s) play’

Am I at the mercy of the words or is it the inverse and then reversed,
Because they change with every verse,
And at the peak they all disperse,
And then return to compliment the body and the hearse,
And the blessing that’s a curse,
And when the image isn’t vivid but the vagueness is just timid,
Words are placed and just run with it with their vision of the meaning they want in it,
It just bursts and returns to form through the integrity it learned,
From the energy it spent and the entropy it earned,
Its not heat it did not  burn And so infinitely it yearns,
To expand and express and dance on the tongue and every step,
As specific as the rest,
All just random and persistent like the test,

Wavery in slavery the mockery detained by me ironically makes sense to me,
But does not function as properly,
Like prophecies neither are my property,
I mean look at it just where is me?
Ocular a prodigy,
Inocula for this culture spree,
Let it spread like knowledge in a democracy,
Highly restrained to remain in the realm of my hypocrisy,
The wisdom lies in the simplicity,
And my ego dwells in the mazes of my inner chi,
Expressively excessively complex you see?
Yet the concept is child’s play,
Yet explaining causes migraines,
Yet its all beautifully floating in my brain,
Or mind in sane,
Like mines in pain,
It is painful insane full of sanity yet vanity the mirror of this detained fool,

The waves of words they reach the shore,
And make sense on their own accord,
They cannot afford,
To wait for the human to find an aim or a cause,
To implode and produce what is worthy of awe,
They are not patient they cannot pause,
If they are hesitant for a fraction of a second all is lost,
Their existence is the cost


Looking through a keyhole
At the mind of a prophet
Reading books on sign language
Keeping the law near my heart like a locket
Struggling to express my anguish
Neutral on the path little trust like a novice
My beloved is the truth and the truth is amazing
Yet my heart still refuses to love it
Chained to the path drawn by the shaytan
Calls from within shift to silent refuse to acknowledge
And the peace is near but between my ears
In that piece of mind its so loud in here
Those calls are messages that cant be deleted
My demons are pessimists that cant be defeated

Battles and gods of war
Rattlers are the decor
Karbala right in my soul
Going on just like in you and yours
But every time that Hussein dies
His bodies thrown onto my psyches floor
His head paraded up in my core
call me shemr if that is what you believe
I know that my heart is pure
Tears of my inner pain
My eyes are never their shore
Pushing the dams walls
Singing songs of raging pain
Poetry is what they form
Elegies of my broken promise
Even demons to the messiah they call
Only I know like kingdom halls
Only I know apart from god

And the soul has departed
As it rises to the heavens with its partner
Yet the physical remains
Preaching lessons like a pastor
Truly a disaster
What is my aim?
Games that I play
To lengthen and delay my masters
Arrival because I might be the one to aim
The arrow that will shed the blood and awake
The child unconscious in the hands of his father
Up on my day

Fear and weakness are powerful emotions
Make you a murderer and a liar to secure comfortable notions
Even if Horus is the one controlling your motion
And your physical state with chemicals like potions
That’s no excuse because the resident isn’t stronger than the host
Unless the owner believe they aren’t as a result of being hoaxed
Self kill self cancerous devotion
Even after his demise the warrior continues to seek closure

Forgetful as we are
We will remember our past
When it returns with a sword
Ready to rip us apart
Will so weak
Actions so evil
heart so pure
Arrogance so lethal
Speaking in riddles
To feed my ego
Articulate and deep
Only at the surface
Where I bleed from

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