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Harmonious Chaos

When one treads ill with sorrow

Another dies, this hill’s so hollow

Morning doves no longer make the sky rain

The Great has allowed the death of the braves

Hyades tears have dried

Hyas banished from their preoccupied minds

Our mother is near her demise

Leshy’s garments have been washed by Nigh

Ahiku feast almost every night

The Katanas have been disgraced by samurais

Apollyon on his throne, confident he believes

That he has beat God for his aim he has achieved 

Ordog’s cauldron will soon be overflowing

Sin has made us ignore the  All Knowing

Face to face with the end of time

We never existed but we are blind

Jesus has been crucified 

Now twice we have denied Christ

Ali’s wisdom in a blood pond

Send Salams to the Prophet

Can’t hear him respond

We failed to keep our promise to God

and deviated from the oneness that bonds

Man and nature when we made Mother our slave

Made mountains into plains and destroyed the caves

That were once our shelter our lives they saved

Murderers destroying His creation in His name



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