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Sapphire Mystic/ Consumed By The Light

Pride has a shrine in their home

Skeptical minds certain of the truth that they know

Cold like the sky made of stone

Tsukiyomi shines on her own

Amaterasu mighty as he is 

Does not object to her need  to glow

Alone she can never survive 

But a Queen never leaves her throne


Dim is the beacon Hymns for her treason

Sung like a tragedy remembered as an odyssey 

Revered as her majesty undefeated by calamity

Though death was her fate and failure was her legacy

She was the sign of the times she was her own Mahdi

She will pay for the crimes of her lives

Like Cato cast into the realm of insanity


He still remembers her tortured cries

When she died, shed her light, darkest night

As he  wept he could not help but to smile

At her courage that he so longed for and admired


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