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No One Knows Him

Where is the law hold a man to his word
Knees are bleeding dismantle the herds
Cost of your life is the roar of the cursed
If you die and they rise leave your flesh for the birds
And the eyes and the tears when they write off your life
I am only bleeding for her..Mother where are you?
Brother whats your name
Written on your grave
Freed from the chains
But what is a slave,
If the colours are sharpened by
The edge of a blade
Rebel of the mind in mine
My friend, you will remain
Your throne is my heart
And when i’m left in the dark
You are my lantern
And my passion is the spark
We create light
Revolution is our craft
Even after death did us part
You are the rebel
And I am your vessel
Speak through me your wisdom
People will listen
When they see you reflected in my eyes
Every tear is a poem that I don’t need to write
They speak for themselves shed like
My skin when you taught me to fight
With my pen and my mind
And when need be paint your face let the wind be your guide
Make them bleed and then pray for their sight
To be restored the moment right before they die


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