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You Are A Chosen One

Words could never do justice in describing what God has created. From the depths of space to what may be beyond that, to the planets, stars and what they are made of. Things we can see, and things that cannot be seen yet play a far more crucial role than that that manifests itself on a visual scale.

He has created the sky above us, that never looks the same twice. Things that serve both artistic purposes in his masterpiece and crucial and delicate purposes in the fine tuned system he has designed and built.

He has created systems that follow a set of rules we think we understand, and systems that don’t seem to follow any rules (quantum). Systems that are so random and chaotic yet so perfect and in an order that would destroy everything if only slightly changed.

Then he created us. Human beings, he perfected our internal systems and made us perfectly functional machines.

Then he gave us this amazing gift, a gift no one seems to be able to explain, something machines built from nature simply cannot acquire. He gave us consciousness.

This thing that may very well be the source of all the magnificence of the universe. The thing that may just be keeping the world in order.

He gave us identities and the ability to acquire awareness of these identities. A factor that disregards all our similarities and makes us unique individuals.

He gave us intellect, curiosity, ambition, and the ability to dream.

He gave us emotions, a connection with everyone around us, he gave us love.

He gave us spirits and souls that connect with all his creation and connect with him. Spiritual abilities that exceed physical and mental abilities completely if nurtured through devotion to Him and his teachings.

God created this universe with all its precision delicacy brilliance and magnificence and he created YOU. He chose to bring you to life, he specifically chose to make you as you are and designed a whole scenario for you to exist in. A scenario that will confuse you, challenge you, test you, and reward you greatly if you overcome the obstacles.

Within you there is a universe wherever you may live and under whatever conditions. So next time you think I can’t do this, or I’ll just spend my life laying low, or any of the many subjective thoughts our insecurities lead us to consider, just think.

Is it possible that God chose to create me, and perfect me and give me life only so that I may fail? Did God mess up? Or do I have a purpose? And if I have a purpose, would it make sense for it to be easy to acquire? Am I just random? A loose end of the equation?

That would make no sense. I mean even though the path towards achieving the goal is difficult and filled with obstacles, surely the One who made nature so finely tuned, used the same precision in perfecting my starting position and the path ahead of me if I choose to take it.

So in short quit the whining and the self abuse and oppression and accept the challenges and allow yourself to prosper and grow spiritually, mentally and physically. And just continuously ask God for help and you’ll be fine.


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