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Idc Im not giving this a title either

Let the flute play on
the music of death
when confessions are sung
by the doomed of men

Assumed to be the truth
because they have nothing to lose
no longer looking to amuse
no security to abuse

Telling tales of love and sorrow
and battles won in vain
over Leaders destined to be followed
yet no one ever knew their names

Pleading guilty to their sins
hoping that with mercy they are judged
Dedicated their lives to win
yet they lost all they conjured up

Seen us convicts in our eyes
Give them mercy we will not
But when the dawn has ‘set’ on us
will we ask to be treated the same by God?

Lord remove mercy of our souls
because we as well have lost the plot
and like our flesh and our bones
our nafs deserves to rot

Are we ready for the judgement
of despicable crimes of our ego
pride wouldn’t let us learn
unable to function but incognito

We put veils up on our heart
yet we were perfectly see through
especially to those we hurt
pain is a connection, they can feel you

So many secrets so much fear
precarious under the confidence we wear
fooled like the king nude we appear
but the peoples hearts are in denial
herd effect so they all cheer

In these lines you see me confess
and as you read you reflect yourself
Doesnt really matter what I said
the poems yours for your spirit to posses





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