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Every time I think about our existence as humans, 7 billion individuals on a planet not even the biggest in its galaxy, in a continuously growing universe within which our whole galaxy is nothing but an atom in a grain of sand lying around in a desert (because this isn’t the only existing universe), the idea of individuality kind of just fades away for me.

In Hindu philosophy the concept of God is considered to be ‘the collective human mind’, he is considered the truth, and the truth cannot be realized unless human and nature become in harmony and leave behind the limits of our individuality completely fusing in the collective super mind’s infinity therefore becoming it. Becoming one.

This concept was also proposed by one of the greatest psychologist in the past century and surprisingly enough Freuds student, Carl Jung. He said that humans have their normal aware conscience, and a collective consciousness that contains all knowledge of everything that they share with the rest of humanity. He says that he found that the things schizophrenic patients described they saw were things they couldn’t have possibly understood or perceived alone so he believes it comes from a collective knowledge of all things that they were able to tap into due to their abnormality.

AGAIN this concept is also present in Islam, specifically Shiism. I think it was in that The Great Muslim Scientist And Philosopher Imam Jaafar Alsadiq (as) book, I read that there was a belief that humans have a conscious and subconscious mind that have a veil between them, the more you increase in enlightenment the less that veil exists (the more you are aware of) . An imam does not have this veil therefore his conscious and subconscious mind are linked. So basically it is said that we are all linked to one outlet that knows all and is the ultimate human awareness.

Then I think of Imam Ali’s (as) hadith: You claim that you are nothing but a tiny entity, yet wrapped up inside of you is the greatest universe. If you think about it the way the patterns of creation are, it seems like everything is within everything. 2 meeting black holes act exactly like the nucleus and electrons of an atom. Cells are like tiny systems that seem isolated yet are connected to a bigger system. Just like planets. Waves show the same spiral shape that exists in the geometry of the ear, sunflower, and even wings of a fly. And the universe exists within each and every one of us.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that regardless of personal interests hobbies and abilities our individuality exists more as a group than as units. Maybe the idea that I am one and you are one is false. Maybe we are units within that one. The heart and mind have different interests yet one without the other would result in a dysfunctional human. They are each units within their system doing their individual jobs at many times contradicting each other but they are what forms this human and similarly each human does their job and seeks their paths only problem is instead of making it work we are ruining the bigger system we are a part of in many ways.

Maybe if we stop thinking of ourselves as individuals and start thinking of ourselves as one together. We could possibly for once progress.

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5 thoughts on “Blekh Bloopers

  1. Enjoyed reading this. Very good writing skills. And very interesting viewpoint on the hadeeths of the Imams.

  2. Some would argue that the interconnectivity of people – the realization that we are a part of something greater and linked to another (and then, most importantly, acting on that belief) – is the next step in human evolution. Unless we recognize and respect each other and learn to truly live with one another, then we, as a species, won’t be around much longer.

    • I absolutely agree with that, whether the drive be religious or merely a survival technique incorporated by nature, we must realize that we are not individuals living individual lives disconnected from the rest of the world, we are connected in many ways just like neurons of the brain, we share info, emotions, and help each other go on and without this we have no chance to continue to exist let alone evolve. I appreciate you taking time to read the post, thank you 🙂

      • No problem; I appreciate your taking the time to read the blog; please share this with others. Ultimately, it’s gong to be up to us and other like-minded individuals to get people become more aware of each other.

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