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May He Rest In Freedom

Have you ever heard the cry of a child
Screaming as he tries to dry
Those tears
You see them in his eyes
Freedom he’s denied
First time he lets them go
Clear feelings in his eyes
It’s freedom in his eyes
He believes that he just died
The keys, playing the notes of his demise
Bullets in the skies
But the sky is now his heart
And its leaking his survival
Skills he been taught by observing his superiors
Inferior to the soul, that’s why his mind is delirious
First time he’s on the field truly aware of where he
He can see the colours bright
Young but his wisdom is pure experience
All the calculations are right
A brief moment of genius
Wondering can he still fight
His life hanging on a line
Awfully precarious

He’s the chosen one now
He’s the opposing one now
revolutions in his heart
The knowledge is sweet and sour
He knows his form and function
But does he have the power
To convert his spirit energy
To grenades and AKAs
Destroy all the cowards

His eyes are slowly shutting
His heart can barely beat
The flow of the music of life
Is too fast for him to compete
And his symphony is ending
The  sonata is almost complete
He drops dust rises above him
May he rest in freedom, may he rest in peace.




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