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Another Nameless Poem Because I Suck At Names

My mind sways with the wind
Knocks at every door,
Builds up all the shrines
Of lies so insecure,
Yet covers with gold
So the image can be sold,
Don’t fret… I’m not talking about their holiness
I’m talking about my soul
Where’s is this door
Gates that lead to Eden
Charismatic and pure
Faithful in the cause we believe in
Shattered glass in a house
Made of bricks… The looks were deceiving,
Pick the herbs get the light out
Burn grass for the flight out
And then claim that  they’re healing,
I’ve embodied a universe the hell I need the weed then?
The darker the room gets my awareness increasing,
Self loathing, the pity, the man I see’s been defeated,
Couldn’t Carry the load
Maybe it’s broader shoulders he needed,
Or maybe a partner forgot to ask the Lord to be his teammate
But blamed him for his loss
Only way he knew how to deal with it
Try to do business with fate
Got caught trying to cheat it 
Now he’s been sentenced to life devoid of any meaning
Suicidal he don’t wanna live it
But he hopelessly hopeful trying to get with it
Waiting for his chance
Guarding the gates of heaven
Paying what is due till he can  reunite with his  brethren
Can you oppress it?
The pressure of this never ending philosophy,
Rooms never been locked
Yet never entered
Worded out as blasphemy
Not worthy of the heavens
Yet ascended above humanity
Struggling between the realms
Cato knows about this agony


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