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Low Stress Diet

I secrete myself within the asylum in my mind

Like a glass room in the middle of the ocean

Awaiting the waves to break in and disturb the silence

I am not a coward; fear is not what drives me to hide

It’s just that I prefer solitude since I’m on a low stress diet

I do not mind listening to people moan about their problems

I do too let out the steam similarly on occasion

But when their healing process becomes my destruction

And their protests and complaints become a threat to my sanity

I’m at that point left with two options

To bottle it all up and keep to myself my frustration

Until it convinces my patience to conceal the oasis

And I no longer see anything more pleasant

Than to throw an unexplained tantrum

Like privacy lacking adolescent

Make everyone uncomfortable and become

The unapproachable explosive outcast

Or I could take a different approach

That’ll keep the stress levels low and enable me to look past

The disturbance in the air the frequency of the voice

So filled with despair now nothing but a noise

In the background as I travel into my zone

To be kept company by my thoughts so completely alone

Watching a star glimmer in the sky

And attempt to figure out why

Follow the crack lines on the wall

And wonder when they will force it to fall

And suddenly I’m overwhelmed with happiness and a smile

Forms upon my face knowing that whatever they say

Inside my asylum I will always be fine




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