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A Tribute To The Oppressed

Days come and go
And we don’t know
What has become of our hearts
They are freezing cold
A result of accepting
Horrendous ideas to be norms
Ties have been torn
babies have been born
Into an evil world they can’t escape
Some will get raped
Some will die before they learn how to walk
In monstrous raids
Don’t fool yourself its all our fault
We’ve looked the other way
For too long
Until one of us experiences the pain
That you feel when you lose a loved one
Doves fly dust clears your eyes see whats up there
The bleeding sight behind a beautiful sunset
Then you raise your voice like you’ve never before
And you scream its right there why haven’t I seen it before
Its quite deceiving
When your hearts been veiled
This image your seeing its merely a dream in
The matrix you’ve worked so hard to believe in
Its like a spell has been cast to make you think
That you are what you achieve in
This material world
Your money
Is not what your worth
The People of Africa and Palestine are your worth
Pray for them first
For the men, women, boys, and the girls
Leading lives, you’d consider to be cursed
Because you don’t see that everything’s a blessing
From the cars and the houses to Israeli oppression
only some merely serve a worldly aim
While others unlock the gates
And lead you straight into heaven
I pray for my family in the Gaza strip
We may not have blood between us
But humanity is our link
I pray for every orphanage
Fully packed with innocent lonely kids
I pray for every soul ever to be oppressed
I pray for those undergoing the hardest of tests
Allah knows best, we are all guests
Temporarily passing by in this life
But tell that to an African child
Unaware of himself beyond the agony described
To be like knives taking at your tummy from the inside
I hope I never feel it
Because the bottom line is I terribly fear it
But I know that if I don’t I probably will never get that insight
That you can’t find in the books, science and websites
The kind that comes from the light The wisdom threading from the knowledge of the divine
But i’m a coward i’ll be honest with you
I hope one day I grow out of it though
because what I fear most is to die a fool


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