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The Path to Enlightenment

I stand clueless amidst the people in this world
I feel useless unable to bring anything but hurt
People come and go, some die before their time
Never got a chance to find the truth
Whether it springs from the heart or the mind
I search desperately for the answer, hoping this time im right
I try get spiritiually emotional and cry but its like my tears have dried
All I feel is a throbbing pain of my soul, trapped in a cell
I swear I dont feel alive,
Im done criticizng the world or how people think
If I dont fix my self first, theres no way im gonna guide all them kids

Bismillah this is my beginning I welcome with your name
May this journey be successful may I release my self of the chains
But first I must clean my heart, because this is gonna be hard
And only the purest of believers have the chance to prevail
So I write these words full of anger and regret
To release the tension from within so Allah cant place the love instead
And I dont mean that my poem has raging negative meanings
But read between the lines youll see those said feelings

Everyday I step forward nearer to my death
My mind wonders away, while my physical is still living for the wealth
I mean so what if I say I dont care about the money
Why am I studying hard to get a job? To make money
In the vague vision I have of life this idea is smuthering me
Though I am short on cash now and it isnt bothering me
Will it not in the future I cant live off my philosophy

I look at my elders and I dread the day I become like them
Whether theyd care to admit, the fact is they have been blinded
by the illusion of success , its like they lost their minds and
I swear all they think of is money and investments
Parents want their kids to be Drs and they cant even answer this question
What is more important living life or the truth?
Would you rather I have money and power but remain a fool
Or would you want me to be enlightened see the universe from within
If that is my goal I know one thing which is I must repent for my sins

Because it is my mistakes that keep me from seeing clearly
And its yours that keep you from relating to my words when you hear me
I know you understand brother but can you feel me
Like Lao Tsu said at the center of my being im aware of the real me
And like Imam Ali said in my body and my heart lie all the means to heal me
And you and the whole of humanity

But we have to realize that we are one soul forced to divide
By the system we live in that has materialized our minds
By feeding us lies about how we can aquire
All that we ever desired
If we just cover our eyes
And ignore all the crimes
And ignore all the cries
And forget about
That African child from the photo
With the falcon just waiting there till it dies
Astaghfirullah I just got the chills putting that idea into rhymes
The most dangerous part of this plot is that we dont realize
That if one of us is starving Its all of us who die
Your body might not but check your soul it is no longer alive
And that is why we have no awareness of our existence
Except through perception of the 5 senses
You dont believe in the sixth sense you think its a lie
Its the other way around with me see I dont believe in the 5
Al Ghazalis theory that the only true knowledge is that of the divine
Still I will work hard to gain the knowledge of the people of the earth
But it is wisdom that I truly seek and in my prostrations I yearn
For , I know I dont deserve it but will I one day?
Will I find the path or forever wonder astray?
If life is a test, Im surely to fail
Without Allahs mercy theres no way to prevail
So I hope that if not in this life I see the truth in the after
When my eyes are unvailed and my vision is hadeed, the way I was intended to be by the crafter

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