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Lost souls

Under the sun you see
People living like you and me
In pain from the chains on their necks
Agonized.. Dreaming to be free
Clueless.. They get lost in thoughts
Unable.. To invision the means
Losing.. The battle yet
Dreading.. To admit defeat
Its worse then the slums and poverty
Its that emptiness that you feel
Like your all alone and no one can understand
That your heart flows to a different beat
It removes you from reality
Like everything people do is insanity
But remember besides you and me
There are 7 billion parts to this entity
Seeking the truth yet locked inside a realm
Where they are dying..Gradually

The reason is we can’t connect
Full of empty arrogance and no intellect
We’re neglecting our soul and our mind
A mistake we will die to regret
We are defective
Because we aren’t reflective
We think we’re purely physical
Our energy, We can’t detect it
We are a useless race
Dead weight
That live to chase
A paper and a coin
And beauty no deeper than the body and the face

Our forefathers look at us like its not our fault
They left us holy knowledge but all we read is quotes
Our artistic legacy will be all memes and jokes
No room for growth No hope for the soul

But still we can change this
Educate all the racists
Because they are ignorant
And its not their fault
That school barely teaches the basics
Graduating literates completely complacent
Perfectly planned drones, fully fit for future enslavement
Work hard for the profit and amusements of Masons
No choice we must save them
Because if they are lost
We are doomed to be wasted
Your sleeping on a bed while your brothers pillow is the pavement
And yet we plead for the saviors arrival to be hastened
do you think that’s fair?
do you even care?
do you even dare?
Look at the poor’s eyes
And feel the trauma in their stares
Of course not its too painful to see
Your heart struggles to awake but your mind is sound asleep
Carefully deceived
To think that this is life, and if it is, is it worth it?
What do you plan to achieve?
personally I just want to leave
Because the knowledge I gain everyday, only helps me
Realize that what i’m after cannot be reached
In life. So I guess its death that I seek







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