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A different Path Than Theirs

I no longer care what kind of occupation

I have or where i sleep even if its the pavement

Because the truth is clear my journey is mine

I despise this fear keeping me behind

My dreams,

Happiness comes from the heart not the bank account

I am only 20 but my third eye has been opened I see what I’m allowed

To do in reality not what i was told

By those that had it hard in the past and now want me to have the gold


This is a new time a different century

One that I live in and know more than those that are meant to be

My teachers, just teach me the info but don’t tell me how to live

The bank has its arms around my neck and won’t release its grip

But somehow I will release myself, cut its arms of the shoulder

And I will look back at that with pride when I’m older

The time is now make the choice

Change your path

Raise your voice

Draw your sword show them your wrath

If you need help

Ask god for help and no one else

Because subjective people will never help

They can’t relate they only see results of their tribulations

But imagine the way the people looked at Hussein

And he ended up saving the nation


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