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Open Up


Verse 1

Since the very first second that I woke up
from this illusion called life I got focused
on finding the story behind my existence
surely not a sheep man got fixed up
and lost in the tragedies
lived a few my self not seen on the TV
So when a brother dies anywhere around the world I get the feeling it could have been me
I cant just sit back and enjoy the ride
coz its a slow and painful road to my demise
we were all one man once so why change that
unity is in the soul not our race blood
Face in the mirror I see a million spirits behind me saying scream our names and free us
I lie to my self and say there’s a movement rising
when most of us are still ignoring the cries
I wonder how they could be so blind
its right there every night
in my dreams except there not nightmares they are  reality
Not my imagination this is a burning nation and the flames are in the hands of the people intoxicated by the drinks they accepted from Satan
The blood of there brothers in those glasses
yes Masons want unity but the kind that’s fascist
In other words they want to rule you all
make everyone American but they call you all
the workers the slaves coz they got in you in chains
but you got the keys buried deep in your brains
I may be a nut I may be insane
but at least I know I won’t die in shame
coz I realized my aim

Verse 2

Some of us base their whole life
on lies they were told and then prioritize
as if they’re living forever man we’re all gonna die
see life flies
But the after stays forever we will remain where ever we place ourselves my brother
Forget about someone saving us
lets grab them by the necks coz the saviors us
there may come a messiah or a leader
but what can he achieve without the people
If we don’t clean and purify our minds
there will never be a Mahdi and Jesus Christ
Earth will become our own hell
until the Armageddon comes and the world ends
Then we can spend eternity in jehanam we reap what we sow so don’t be common
be different
Travel opposite to the flock don’t worry your not wrong many great men were mocked but at least there minds were not locked
see Socrates was called a schizophrenic
coz the rulers knew his words would spread like epidemic
Muhammad was called a pedophile
those that hate are forgotten while heroes beat the trials
See me smile coz I know my name will be remembered
even if by just a few I’m not self centered
but I want the people to know I do this  for them                                                                                    every word I write inspired from the spiritual realm

I believe that we are a unit one
and that will never change even after a million suns
See the days go by and we aspire to change our lives and if we do great just don’t live a lie
be yourself


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7 thoughts on “Open Up

  1. beautiful inspiring words…

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